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Alat Uji Emisi Solar Merk Koeng OP-160

Alat Uji Emisi Solar Merk Koeng OP-160

Alat uji emisi merk Koeng OP-160 untuk smoke (Bahan Bakar Solar)merupakan salah satu alat uji emisi yang termasuk kategori On Buget.

Design alat uji emisi ini tidak kalah dengan model lain yang lebih mahal dengan menampilkan dominan warna merah pada bodi alat uji emisi tersebut.

The Model OP-160 smoke (opacity) meter provides simple and accurate tools of detecting and measuring the opacity of smoke emitted from a diesel engine, a vehicle and an industry stacks.
A light sensor reads the opacity of the emissions and relays the readings to the control unit's display. Both the snap acceleration and the "follow-up mode" test(continuous readings under load) can be performed. Test results can be printed individually on the system's printer, and 50 tests can be stored.


  • Data Collection
    • The unit collects the information from the sensors(opacity, RPM, oil temperature) and communicates (via RS232C port) with the computer for analysis.
  • Engine Speed
    • This can be measured using a piezo sensor or battery-type tachometer.
  • Oil Temperature
    • Long oil temerature probe for all types of trucks.
  • Optical and Sampling Unit
    • The sampling probe can be inserted into the end of exhaust pipe, this optical and sampling unit can be used for varlous light-duty and heavy-duty diesel engine test for the measurement of smoke opacity. Connecting Wire
    • It offers a default 7 meter cable and can be extended up to 20 meter.
  • Display
    • The brightness of graphic LCD can be easily adjusted for the measurement outside at night.
  • Control Unit
    • Rugged, portable and beautiful appearance meets customer's requirements.
    • It offers a graphic LCD and key buttons at the front panel for stand alone purpose, It displays test procedures at the LCD for user's convenlence, Also, a RS232 port is offered to communicate with PC at the rear panel.
  • Power
    • Available for both 100 ~ 200 VAC, and 12VDC of vehicle.
  • Accuracy
    • It offers higher accuracy than which required by international standard class.
    • Rellability
    • Minimum drift zero stability less than 1% per use.
    • Pulsed green LED has infinite life expectancy.
    • Resolution 1 digit(0.1% of full scale)
    • Low Maintenance
    • All solid state electronics need low maintenance.
    • Lenses are simply accessible for cleaning.
    • Warranty
    • One year from date of purchase, parts and labor.
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